Blog - Vie dei Tesori - Palazzo Villelmi

Cefalù inside Le Vie dei Tesori

In 2021 the Municipality of Cefalù is included in the itinerary Le vie dei Tesori (The Treasures’ streets).                                                                  This initiative recognised the historical and artistical importance of the village by the sea, and allowed the tourists and islanders to discover the artstic and cultural beuaties of the place often forgotten.

Cefalù, in this regard, had made showed the remains of the Greek – Roman civilisation still visible in the archological site of Cefalù and the Church of the Holy Trinity at San Domenico. In this ancient structure is possible to admire the prehistoric stone extracted from the Rocca di Cefalù, the promontory that gave the name to the city as it said, resembling the shape of a head (in greek: “Kephaloidion”).

The Treasures’s streets will take you on a discovery of Cefalù art, nature, medieval churches and wash-houses, noble palaces, and the prestigious Mandralisca Museum, where the ‘Portrait of an Unknown Sailor‘, known as the ‘Mona Lisa of Sicily’ for its enigmatic character, is kept.