Cosa mangiare a Cefalù - Palazzo Villelmi

What to eat in Cefalù? Between art and flavours

It is well known that Sicily is among the best, if not the best in gastronomy, so during your stay why not treat yourself with some snacks?

Cefalù, gives you the chance to not only spend an holiday by the most beautiful sea, discover the exceptional treasures of Arab-Norman origins that it holds. Here then is an itinerary to follow to discover the two most beautiful sides of Cefalù – its artistic wonders and its culinary offerings.

Your visit will begin with one of Cefalù’s top-ten tourist attractions, the medieval wash house, a trace of the past, a symbol of Sicilian daily life, used by washerwomen to clean their laundry amidst the songs of popular tradition. A lunch break at the renowned Ittico restaurant, where you can enjoy a typical seafood hors d’oeuvre in the picturesque location, just a few steps from the Lavatoio and the old harbour of Cefalù, will not go amiss: the scent of the sea will draw you into a culinary experience of unforgettable first courses and fish starters. If, on the other hand, you prefer a shorter break, with a dish to be enjoyed on the beach, you can choose a take-away from Foodda, good taste just a few steps from the sea: burgers, pastas, salads, sandwiches, beer & wine, including some traditional Madonita delicacies, such as Castelbuono smoked scamorza cheese and Madonie provola cheese.

On the way back to Palazzo Villelmi, it will finally be time for a unique artistic experience: a visit to the Cefalù Cathedral, a World Heritage Site since 2015, which houses the most beautiful mosaics still intact in all of Europe. As soon as you enter, you will immediately notice the Christ Pantocreator, a unique mosaic dating back to 1143, created in the Arab-Norman era.

In the atmospheric cathedral you can admire the cathedral while enjoying the queen of Sicilian pastries: her majesty the Sicilian Cassata, another inheritance from the Arab people (cassata from the Arabic ‘quas’at’).

And if after this immersion in culture and art you feel like enjoying a dinner in harmony and serenity? The place for you is just a few steps from the cathedral. Taverna Tinchitè treasures the values of Sicilian cuisine, the so-called grandmother’s cuisine: here you can eat, drink and savour Sicilian tradition and the beauty of being together. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for a pizza accompanied by an excellent glass of wine, before saying goodbye to the beautiful town of Cefalù you should make a pit stop at Winery and Putia – a combination of delicious gourmet pizzas and a wide selection of local wines.